Spencer Wilding


2011 Feature Film Grannik Ghost Rider 2 Columbia Pictures Mark Neveldine
2011 Feature Film Killawog The Green Lantern Warner Brothers Pictures Martin Campbell
2011 Feature Film Minotaur Wrath of the Titans Legendery Pictures Jonathan Libesman
2011 Television The Creature Doctor Who BBC Television  
2011 Television Hero White Walker Game of Thrones HBO Thomas McCathey
2010 Commercial Minotaur Bison Internationanal TVC Alfred NL Göran Lundström
2010 Commercial Grandpa Spengler The Spenglers TVC MPRS / Sky  
2010 Commercial Papa Spengler The Spenglers TVC MPRS / Sky  
2010 Feature Film Knight of the Temple Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows P1 Warner Brothers Pictures David Yates
2009 Commercial Taunting French Man Gatorade - The Quest for G Radical Media Tarsem President/ Frank Scherma
2009 Feauture Film The Wolf Man The Wolf Man Universal Pictures Joe Johnston
2008 Television Burk Freebie Phoo Action BBC Television Euro Lyn
2007 Feature Film Tall Gestapo Officer Dangerous Parking Flaming Pie Films Peter Howitt
2007 Feature Film Hagrid Double Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix Warner Brothers Pictures Davis Yates
2007 Feature Film Pirate Stardust Paramount Pictures Mattew Vaugan
2007 Feature Film Giant Egyptian The Golden Compass New Line Cinema Chris Weitz
2006 Feature Film The Doorman/ Bar Brawler Dead Mans Cards Stray Dog Films James Marquand
2006 Feature Film Razak #1 Eragon 20th Century Fox Stefen Frangmeier
2006 Television Hippy/ Stunt Performer Life of Mars 1 Kudos Film & Television S.J Clarkson  
2005 Feature Film Shadow Warrior #1 Batman Begins Warner Brothers Christopher Nolan
2005 Feature Film Grendals Father/ Seahag Double/ Grendal Double Beowolf & Grendel Movision Sturla Gunnarsson
2005 Feature Film The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Wogon Soldier #1 Touchstone Pictures Garth Jennings
2005 Promo Monster Munch Monster Walkers Crisps Monster Munch ITV1  
2005 Television The Yeti Ministry of Mayhem CITV Various
2004 Feature Film Werewolf Special Creature Actor Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Warner Brothers Pictures Alfonso Cuaron
2004 Promo The Prison Guard The Booty Almeida Theater Company Alice Douglas